AquaLabs is a leading Web3 incubator and fund dedicated to helping top-tier brands navigate the complex landscape of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Our team of experts specializes in developing and executing tailored go-to-market strategies that leverage our extensive network of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), vibrant builder communities, in-house research labs, and investment partners. By providing unparalleled access to these resources and our deep understanding of the APAC market, we empower our clients to achieve network effects, drive adoption, and foster long-term success in the rapidly evolving Web3 ecosystem.

Investment Thesis

AquaLabs' unique investment strategy is rooted in our deep understanding of the KOL landscape and technical insights into Web3 technologies. In 2023, we have strategically invested in over 20 portfolio companies, primarily focusing on infrastructure and AI projects. As we expanded our presence into the thriving Japan and Korean markets, we have also shifted our focus to include social-fi and game-fi sectors, which are experiencing rapid growth and adoption in the region. Beyond providing capital, we take a hands-on approach to support our partners by leveraging our extensive network, expertise, and advisory services, helping them navigate the complex APAC market, forge strategic partnerships, and drive user acquisition to achieve long-term success in the Web3 ecosystem.

Our Services

1. Strategic Advisory Powered by Aqualabs Research

AquaLabs' strategic advisory services are powered by our in-house research team, AquaLabs Research, which produces high-quality, comprehensive, and objective reports analyzing our clients' technology stack, smart contracts, and governance models. By leveraging these accessible reports, we help clients build consensus and trust within the blockchain and Web3 community, driving the success of their projects in the APAC market.

2. Largest Online KOL Ecosystem

We have one of the industry's most extensive and high-quality KOL networks, spanning various niches and industries. By prioritizing genuine, long-lasting relationships with creators and fostering a culture of collaboration, trust, and mutual growth, we enable our KOLs to authentically advocate for projects they believe in, driving unparalleled visibility, engagement, and adoption for our clients.

3. Building Communities

We help organize offline community-building events that bring together developers, entrepreneurs, and Web3 enthusiasts to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking. By providing comprehensive localization services, our events are carefully tailored to the unique cultural, linguistic, and market-specific needs of each APAC country, ensuring that our clients' projects resonate with local audiences and foster genuine connections within the community.


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Perking university, KU LEUVEN University, MBA.

15 years of experience in well-known financial investment industry, with multiple IPOs from well-known technology companies.

Established Aqua Venture at San Francisco from 2018, Web3 focus.